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It’s now 4:30am on Nov 1st 2010. I’m here in El Salvador for the first time to meet the kids I sponsor through Compassion. It’s an individual sponsor visit as opposed to a group tour with other sponsors. This is because I wanted to see as many of my kids as possible in their own environment and a group tour can’t generally provide that flexibility. So I’ll blog about visiting my kids, the first of which I’ll see in only 4 hours (and will blog about tonight). This blog also has a Travel category which will hold some posts about my getting to, and around El Salvador.

It’s my hope that you’ll all enjoy hearing about the great work Compassion is doing in El Salvador.

To find out more on the background of my trip, have a look at the pages below.

You’ll probably find that my trip makes more sense if you read the posts in the order I wrote them.  To do this, I encourage you start with the post Esteban (This link opens in a new window)  and then look to the bottom right of each post  for the link to the next post, e.g. “Karla >>”


PS. Roosters don’t wait for the sunrise here in El Salvador!

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