Posted by: Douglas Bailey | October 27, 2010



Banesa, originally uploaded by Douglas Bailey.

Banesa, probably pronounced Vanesa, turned 13 this month.  I started sponsoring Banesa in July 2009.   From what I understand, the 15th birthday is big in Latin culture.  I wouldn’t mind heading back to El Salvador in two years to be there for Banesa’s 15th birthday.  However Ruth’s 15th birthday would be only 6 months later so it may be difficult to be there for both of them.  I’ll be visiting Banesa’s Project ES796 and her home on Saturday Nov 6th.



  1. It’s so great you are getting visit their homes as well. We found meeting them at a fast food place where they are all dressed up we didn’t get a real idea of what their life was really like? Visiting their actual home was a real eye opener & they were much more relaxed. Did you find the same?

    • Yes I did. Or at least of the five kids I have seen so far, the two who’s homes I went to were less shy. But they were also a bit older. I’m loving El Salvador. 🙂

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