Posted by: Douglas Bailey | October 27, 2010



Robin, originally uploaded by Douglas Bailey.

I started to sponsor Robin in July 2009.  Robin is blind in one eye.  I have not asked when or how he lost his eye/sight. I may check with my host/translator if there is a sensitive way to ask.



  1. I understand the sensitivity of not enquiring about Robin’s blind eye but I think I would need to find a way of broaching the subject to determine if there is any way his lost sight could be restored. If there is, I would want to be a part of that process.
    but that’s just me.

    • Hi Graham, Welcome. 🙂
      I had a chance to talk to the project workers about it while I was there so you’ll see this mentioned in a later post; Although I don’t know the cause, I’m told that Robin’s eye was nearly completely blind from birth but now, thanks to Compassion’s Sponsorship Plus program, Robin has been able to see a specialist and they issued him with glasses to help protect his good eye from stain. It’s my understanding that they will continue to monitor the situation and will do what they can for both eyes. Prayer will help. I didn’t think to ask if an operation of any kind would help. I’ll have to ask in a letter how things are going with the specialist.

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