Posted by: Douglas Bailey | October 27, 2010


Walter, originally uploaded by Douglas Bailey.

This is Walter. In Jan 2010 I sponsored a boy called Jhony. In about April I learned that Jhony had stopped coming to the project and his project leaders had not been able to encourage him to come back. This meant that it wasn’t possible for Compassion to continue to support Jhony. Jhony was only 5 so his parents may have had a hand in him leaving. I was glad to hear the Jhony was at least still going to school. Losing a sponsored child is hard. You do grieve not being able to converse with them and knowing what their life will become. To ‘replace’ a child sounds heartless in way. And of course no child can be replaced. But when there are children waiting in poverty, every day counts. So when you know you have the capacity in your heart, and faith for financial capacity, you chose another child to help and you grieve for the other child but you also leave him in the hands of God.

So I chose Walter. He hasn’t seen my photo yet but I’ll give him a few photos when I meet him on Nov 1st.


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