Posted by: Douglas Bailey | October 31, 2010

Final confirmation with Compassion

It’s 10am Saturday here in Alabama. (2am Sunday in Sydney).   I’m getting up at 3:30 am tomorrow to fly first to Atlanta and then to El Salvador for a 12:04pm (local time) arrival.

As agreed with Compassion, I called their El Salvador office on Friday to confirm final details with them before they see me on Monday.  I had been a little concerned about the safest way to travel the 40km from the Airport to my hotel in San Salvador when I arrive on Sunday.  Apparently it’s not safe to just take any taxi and probably less safe to take a bus.  So I asked them the best way and they said they will send me a driver.  Problem sorted!

I knew that during the week that I would have a host (who is also a translator) but I found out that I will also have a driver for the week.  I had thought that one person would fill all those roles but now I know I’ll be able to just ask the host question after question and not worry about distracting them from driving!

I know some other Compassion sponsors will be interested in some of the finer details of the trip and so at some point this week I will put all the costs on into a post in the preparation category. Update 2011-Jan-01: I haven’t posted costs yet. But you are welcome to ask about them.


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