Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 1, 2010

Popcorn clouds

I learned long ago that photos of clouds are cool when you take them but pretty uncool when you display them to others. However, the airlines make you turn off your (electronic) cameras for the best photo opportunities of take off and landing so this is the best that I could get to prove that I went on a plane! What? I might have rowed. Ok, whatever, just look at the pictures.


And drop your expectations, this is a blog; not an art gallery! 😉



I was surprised that it was possible to see the ‘green’ water from so far up. This was somewhere over Central America, probably Belize.




  1. Hello Douglas – well done on sponsoring 3 kids. You are providing something huge in their development and futures. I am proud of you Doug. Pastor D

    • Hi Pastor Denis,

      Thanks for your encouragement! Keep watching the blog as I have a few more than 3 kids to share about. I know on one hand I should keep my giving a secret! But I’m conscious that my fellow Compassion sponsors love to receive all the details they can get about the great work that Compassion is doing. And by sharing I hope to encourage them that what they do makes a difference.

      Bless you,

  2. I’m not sure what it says about me…. (uncool!!!) but I enjoyed your cloud photos. I also enjoy your writing style. You make me laugh.

    I’m a Compassion sponsor who just found your blog and is hanging on every word…. (living vicariously)

    • Thanks Michelle,
      I’m glad you are enjoying the blog!

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