Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 2, 2010

Gifts I gave

After having lunch at Pizza Hut. I gave out some gifts.

First the essentials:




And with a picture that is pure gold…



Then some practical things for whoever runs the kitchen:

Ricardo’s mother.

Ricardos Mom

Walter’s mother.

Walters Mom

Veronica’s grandmother.

Veronicas Grandmother

I also gave the kids a fully illustrated dual language Bible! It’s my understanding that the Salvadoran government is making English part of the curriculum and Compassion projects also expose (or teach?) older children English so I believe this will be a big help.

Veronica and I with her Bible.

Veronica I and Bible

A a way of dedicating the Bibles, I took pictures of each of child and I with the Bible and then printed the picture on the spot and stuck it inside the front cover along with the date on the dedication page. (I hope I didn’t use the actual shot above! Right now I can’t work out which shot I used but it would have been similar).

And here is an example of the Polaroid ‘instant’ photo printer in action. It prints 2″x3″ pictures with zero ink on to sticker paper in less than a minute. I know that sounds like an advertisement but those qualities I just listed make this a perfect piece of equipment to use on the road when it would otherwise take the kids so long to get photos sent to them. Also, that’s not really an ad because unfortunately, I believe the printer is no longer produced.

Polaroid Printer

Here is a break down of costs of the gifts for fellow Compassion sponsors of Salvadoran kids who might enjoy the extra detail. Carlos my host helped me select these gifts once I explained my budget of $40 per kid. ($40 excluding the Bible).

In USD (the currency used by El Salvador since about 2003).
Ball: $8.95
Bag to hold everything: $0.99
Hand pump to ensure long life of the ball: $1.75
Pencil, Sharpener, Eraser, Notebook set: $2.25

Gifts Ball

Toothbrush: $1.80
Toothpaste: $1.60
Shampoo: $3.00
Towel: $10.00 (or $7.95 as pictured, depending on the towel available.)

Gifts Necessities

For the cook:
Wooden Spoon set: $1.25
Tea towels: $1.25 x2 (I hear the cook may use these to roll up some type of traditional food when cooking.)

Gifts for the cook

Bible: $11.55 from click here to see this Bible on Amazon.

Biblia para Ninos

Sub total (which, Lord forgive me, I just added up using my $800 iPhone): $34.09
+ Bible: $11.55
= $45.64

I can’t give you a basket comparison with Australia or the USA but I hope you can already appreciate how much your $$ can achieve over here.

PS: Minimum wage in El Salvador is $100. $108 in the capital San Salvador. The previous sentences are missing some key information right? Those are the figures as Carlos gave them to me and I had to pause long and think hard before I asked the clarifying question… because I was pretty sure I already knew the answer… PER MONTH?




  1. douglas!!

    thanks so much for posting these pictures. they are so awesome.

    im so excited this trip has become a reality for you and it looks like the families are doing so well thanks to your and your faithful commitment.

    see this just blesses me!

  2. fortunately God forgives us our excesses — especially when you are doing so much for the children 🙂

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