Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 2, 2010

Meeting Ricardo, Veronica and Walter

The kids welcome me at the local mall. 
From right to left, Ricardo, Veronica, Walter, guy with shotgun.

Ricardo Veronica Walter Greeting

A few more smiles.
Ricardo Veronica Walter Myself

As a bit of an icebreaker I gave the kids two laminated sheets of photos. The first has photos of me (hence no close up picture for you guys) and the second was of all my sponsored kids (it’s now extremely likely that my kids will pray for each other).

Walter after being called to lunch… The boy on the floor was initially lying between the two rollers blocking Walters exit. The boy now on the floor appears to have considerably underestimated Walter’s hunger.  
Walters Exit

Veronica didn’t let wearing a skirt prevent her from playing around in the kids area a Pizza Hut.
Veronica in the Pizza Hut play area.

Carlos is getting some great photo’s with the camera.


Walter – who may be a little tired – or suspicious of the camera – but I can certainly see a smile:

Ricardo with his mother. Ricardo’s father abandoned them when his mother was six months pregnant. She’s doing a great job though.  
Ricardo with Mom

In fact here she is about to rescue Ricardo from his confusion about whether to eat pizza with or without a fork.

Veronica… No confusion about the fork here.
Veronica no fork

Walter… May actually need a knife.
Walter knife

Alex (our driver for the week), about to dig in.

Carlos, who is starting to really love my camera, wonders if my camera loves him.

Ricardo, may have been reaching for the camera himself.

Next up, a post about gifts.



  1. I feel silly leaving comments when I don’t see any others…. but you are cracking me up!!!! I’m literally laughing out loud. And I think the camera does love Carlos! :o) These pictures are fantastic. I’d adopt Ricardo in a heartbeat. He is precious. They all are!!!

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