Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 2, 2010

The Circle of Life

Project ES826 has a Rabbit farm/coup/cage… whatever it’s called the point is they breed rabbits.

I couldn’t get much closer but if you look carefully you should be able to make out some ears on these hours/days? old baby rabbits.

Here are the kiddies:


More cuteness:

Now here is a big rabbit….

Viewer discretion advised…

They tell the kids this is chicken. Seriously, they do. Because the kids take care of the rabbits.

After three months the rabbits are ready. I can’t work out how to say that nicely so I’ll just say ‘ready’. Every 22 days the project will kill enough rabbits to feed the kids protein for the next 22 days. This project will also trade with other projects for things like actual chicken.

The circle is almost complete. But watch Alex carefully, he’s not going to eat that piece, he’s going to throw it…

And the circle is complete…
Well ok, the circle is not really complete, unless that dog has some rabbit DNA or something but the circle is certainly over for that rabbit.

I did try some rabbit for the first time. And to me, it didn’t really taste much different from chicken.

Note to Compassion sponsors: Trust your guide on what you should and shouldn’t try. Families will often offer you food or drink which may or may not be suitable for, shall we say, delicate people like us Australians and Americans.

The guideline I have on drinks is, bottled water or bottled/canned soda only. Or if drinking soda from a fast food restaurant, don’t have ice. But please check all this with your host.



  1. I hate to be the first to comment in my own post but wordpress is making it extremely difficult for me to make uptates tonight. Therefore I have not been able to change ‘bread’ to ‘breed’ in the first sentence.

    Also, I’ve got three more posts to make about today; Welcome to Project ES826, Veronica’s Home and, Gifts I Received. But they’ll have to wait to tomorrow as it’s now bed time.

    I hope you are all enjoying the read.

  2. Sure am! You are very informative and entertaining.

  3. Loving this live blog, Doug. Stay safe and keep postin!

  4. This is GREAT! I love reading about your adventures… Hugs to everyone

  5. I am really appreciating all the photos and the details about your trip. Hoping for the day when I can go visit my sponsored kids, although I wasn’t smart like you to have them all in the same country!

    • Hi Terri,
      I’m glad you’re enjoying this. A new post just went up. I’m finding it takes me a while to organize a post on an iPad but it means I can travel light. I hope to get another two posts up over the next few hours. It’s so great that you are sponsoring kids, and the ripples the make in society will be felt all over the world. Jesus’ disciples scattered all over the known world didn’t they? Instead of staying in one place. 🙂

      Bless you.

  6. your pics are great — glad to find another ES obsessed sponsor 🙂

  7. Oh…. Rationally I know eating bunnies is good protein and serves a need… but I’d have to be treated like a child and told it was chicken too. (blushing)

    The pic of the bunny sticking its tongue out is amazing!

  8. […] This project also trades chickens with other Compassion projects and I believe they also trade for rabbits with Project ES826 (Refer to the post: ‘The Circle of Life‘). […]

  9. Really great blog Douglas. I have 3 kids in El Salvador, and a 4th one left the project when his parents moved away. It is a great country to sponsor in, and your story brings it alive. Thanks for sharing.

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