Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 3, 2010

Veronica’s Home

Veronica lives about a 5 minute walk from her project.  She lives with her grandmother, bother and little sister.  I’m told they have lived there about 7 years and that they own the land.  I thank God they don’t have to worry about being evicted.  Veronica’s father may also live there.  He’s an alcoholic and Carlos was going to talk some sense into him if we saw him. (We did not).  

As we walked up their short driveway we saw a horse of theirs…

And their corn field, I have no idea how far this extends!

As we entered what would be considered a courtyard we saw their garden (to which I am unfortunately way too close to for you to appreciate its depth).

Here are their two dogs whose names I cannot pronounce and therefore cannot remember. (This is a pattern for me).

The courtyard had a strand of barbed wire hanging from trees in such a way that I had to duck or lose an inch off the top of my head.  Not a way in which I had imagined losing weight.  I can only assume that this served as their clothes line.

Inside the front door I found where the family keep their shoes and other memorabilia.

I’m still really confused about what I saw and captured in this next photo.  I looked up and noticed two things.  The second thought immediately took prominence in my mind – a big cobweb – I don’t like spiders and would remove the cobweb.  

You can’t really see the cobweb in this photo so maybe you’re blessed to contend with the issue directly at hand, the one I noticed first but my mind is trying to repress; the way this house is strung together.  DOUGLAS – THESE PEOPLE HAVE A BIGGER PROBLEM THAN A SPIDERWEB.  My mind can’t handle the truth.        

But – by the grace of God – I didn’t have time to stop a cry over their situation. We had to move on. 

Before taking photos inside the house (which was with the families permission) I was offered hot corn syrup prepared by Veronica’s grandmother in this kitchen:

We sat at their table and gave thanks to God for family (and for me I think). I drank – with host approval!  It was sweet and it was good.

One internal wall was only a plastic Christmas tablecloth.  On it were photos and certificates and – it was pointed out to me – I was there too.

I’m sure I didn’t send a photo that big.  And they go and blow it up, as if I’m not big enough! PS. Thanks for taking that photo Hunkler (David Hunkler of Hillsong TV Crew).  I certainly don’t remember you taking it but I like it and it looks like there are a few kids in El Salvador that like it too!

Veronica showed me where she sleeps.  Since I don’t have a wide-angle lens to convey the size of the room, let me say this; I was standing at the entrance to Veronica’s room, which was also the foot of her bed, and her bed also appeared to be her wardrobe.  Veronica’s sitting on her bed and the room has a second bed to her right less than a foot away. I’m not sure who the second bed is for, maybe her bother or grandmother.

They do have power in the house. I noticed a TV in the dining room and Veronica has a power saving light in her room but it’s hardly bright enough to read by. 

Walter and Ricardo had some distance to travel to get home so we had to leave Veronica pretty quickly. But I had a chance to understand the priorities of El Salvador when we went for a 20 meter walk further down Veronica’s driveway to see this. 
Obviously for soccer but also for baseball/softball.

El Salvador does not have much flat land, in fact much of their corn is planted by hand because you can’t use machines on mountainsides.  When I do see flat land they are using it for soccer!

Veronica’s brother came by and said hello.  His name escapes me (grr…) 

However, there is one name that does not escape me.  Before departing I prayed with all the families represented as we held hands.  I prayed that God would give them safe travels.  I prayed that He would keep their families and communities strong.  I prayed that He would give the kids dreams and make their lives fruitful. 

I prayed in the name of Jesus.


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