Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 3, 2010

Welcome to Project ES826

Welcome to Project ES826

It was a public holiday here on Monday when I when to Veronica’s project which is about 20 minutes drive south of San Miguel. The project would normally be closed on a holiday but because my itinerary brought me here on this day, they invited any students that wanted to come and see a sponsor.  See who greeted me! 


We went into the church (also referred to by the locals as a temple).

Sat the kids down.


Some kids then did a traditional El Salvador greeting including entrance of the flag. The seat of honor is not the best place from which to take photos but you can see the flag bearing team on the other side of the podium in this picture.  Two of the girls wore blue sashes, one representing the El Salvadoran flag and one the Australian. 

At the front of the church was a banner on display to welcome me. At this point I started to question in my head the wisdom of explaining that I was a New Zealander.

The kids sang some worship songs, including two in english. They did really well with the english. Unfortunately I didn’t recognise the songs well enough to name them. Some of the Compassion staff thanked me for my support and for coming to visit. This is the Project co-ordinator for Ricardo’s project who was with him and his mother for the day.

The kids each presented me with some gifts (I’ll share pictures of these in another post). 


Carlos (my host) then got up and introduced himself before calling me up. He then led me through telling the kids about Australia and myself for a few minutes (i.e. about the weather, animals – one kid demonstrated a kangaroo jumping! – what I like to do in my spare time, work etc..) Then we took a few questions from the floor on similar topics. 

After that presentation which all up was only half an hour. Some of the Compassion team ask if they could be in a photo with me as they didn’t often get to have photo’s with Australians.  


Nationality question resolved, sing with me; ‘We all call Australia home!’


The next post continues on the subject of Project ES826.



  1. Loving these posts Doug. It all looks so similar to visiting our compassion child in Peru. Very humbling isn’t it! Have an amazing time enjoying that wonderful country.


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