Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 4, 2010

Lunch with Robin

We had lunch at the Perkin Lenka Mountain Hotel.

But not before stopping by the Museum of the Revolution located in Perkin.  

The guerrillas had strongholds in Perkin and much of eastern part of the country.  They fought for democracy under an oppressive government.  Peace agreements were signed between both sides in 1992.  This museum serves as a reminder to the people least they should go this way again. 

We were not permitted to take photos inside the buildings where much of the exhibits were located but there was some equipment outside. Some of it looked set up ready to go. 


Some of it did not.


Robin was pretty quiet when he spoke but I bet his smile could get him just about anything he wanted.


Enjoying some Chicken.  Most chicken that I’ve seen here looks like KFC chicken.  This hotel is owned by an American and the food is made to a very high quality.


We had a good time getting to know each other. I had again handed out a collection of photos of myself at all ages. In at least one of those photo’s I had dark hair and a beard and probably looked quite sinister.  Well, if the photos didn’t give Robin a cause to run, this certainly did.


For each child visit, the project co-ordinator and a parent are with the child us at all times.  Mom also received some gifts.


The rain was coming down thick outside and we couldn’t get to a local park to kick the ball around but we had a great time anyway.

We had to say goodbye early enough so that Robin and his Mom could get home. They needed to jump on the back of a truck for 1.5km and then travel basically downhill on foot about another 1.5km

So we said goodbye to Robin. 


And to looking room.



  1. Enjoying your posts very much and looking forward to the new ones each day. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Kerri,

      Thanks for the encouragement I’m glad you are enjoying them. I just got back to the hotel and it’s 21:30pm. Hopefully I’ll get a couple of posts in before midnight!

  2. Hi Douglas,

    Am so glad I have access to a computer to keep reading your posts. This one about visiting Robin is particularly touching.

    God is amazing! I am having some God moments in Brisbane but not like yours:-).

    Look forward to talking with you about your El Salvador trip in person.

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