Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 5, 2010

Serving ES844

Who’s hungry?


What are we going to do about this?


Never fear!


Cindy, the project co-ordinator, put me to work giving the kids a snack.  


A chicken sandwich I believe.  I understand that the menu changes every week and Compassion is working to ensure that each project (at least in El Salvador) can give kids a proper breakfast if they come in the mornings and a proper lunch if they come in the afternoons as some of them are currently only able to provide snacks. 


Many of you would know that I work in IT and sit at a desk all day.


So I don’t end up doing physical labour very often.


So I thank the grace of God that when I finally do do some ‘physical labor’ that there are no less than 24 photos to prove it!  


Most of those photo’s did not have kids in the frame and are not worth posting here but I’ll keep the evidence. 

After I gave the kids a snack I was invited to see the projects budget.  Meet the projects numbers person, God knows her name.  Sorry people, I know, I need a notebook for names. 


We sat in their little office and discussed the strict requirements of Compassion International that the church needed to follow to continue to be able to work in partnership with Compassion. 


They talked about the need to have all budget changes approved.  Standard business practice of course. They were by no means complaining, they were just explaining the process but even so I thanked them for their hard work and told them that because of their diligence in creating and following the budget, Compassion International has been able to achieve the highest rating;  a 4 Star rating, from for 8 years in a row.  I told them that donors/sponsors care about their charitable giving just like they care about other investments they make. tells people they can trust Compassion to make effective use of their money.  And it’s due to the hard work at right from the project level through the field office (country office) to Compassion’s international headquarters in Colorado Springs. USA.

We also talked about Esteban’s profile and then his computer tutor had him show me his drawing skills on the computer. At which point it was my turn. 


Esteban had drawn a house, tree and mountains and I created my best interpretation of a soccer field.  

I had noticed where Esteban’s original photo was taken and I took an updated shot myself.     


You can tell I need practice before I become a Compassion photographer; I cut him off at the toes!


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