Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 6, 2010

Joy ride and lunch with Esteban

We piled in the van to take the family out for lunch.  That’s Cindy the project co-ordinator on the left and Esteban’s mother behind her.


The kids had been on public buses but never a private vehicle before.  So we took the scenic route to lunch.  The boys started calling out ‘I’ve been here’ as we drove past places they had only ever walked to.  And then we reached somewhere they had never been.   


Yes, the ocean.

Most of you will have had opportunity to see this. These boys probably don’t live more that 20km from the ocean but they’ve just never had opportunity to get there before. They were very impressed with the vastness of what they could see and call it a cheap shot if you will but right then and then I made sure they knew that God’s love for them was even bigger than what they saw here.

We also saw the beautiful new port of La Union, millions of dollars was spent to build this port to accommodate todays largest ships which do not fit through the Panama Canal.  Goods can then be shipped over land, at the thinnest point of Central America to be shipped off again through the Caribbean.    


I found an english article that gives a bit more information about the port here. Interestingly this article reports that the port is now open.  However Esteban’s Dad tells us that it is not in operation yet because the city government and, I think, the port authority, are in a political discussion over what taxes the port will pay.  The port says they are providing all these jobs and the area will prosper so they shouldn’t have to pay taxes to the city.  The local government says they will still have to provide many services like rubbish collection/landfill, maintenance  of electricity infrastructure etc and they need the taxes for this.  

Can I please ask you to pray for this to be resolved quickly so that people of the region can be employed at the port.  This should do so much good for the community and for El Salvador.

This is Esteban’s Dad, also called Esteban.


We always take the kids to a place for lunch that has a play area. 

Again, it’s a new thing for them and part of making the day one to remember.


I was asked today what the best part of my trip was, I knew instantly although it was so hard to get it out of my throat; seeing the kids smile.


Almost ready for some chicken (tastes like rabbit).


Now we are ready.


Carlos always remembers to have the kids wash their hands before eating, these kids have better hygiene standards that most western kids would.

After lunch we pile back in the van to head out to Esteban’s house and Carlos demonstrates the Salvadoran shaky rhythm instruments that obviously have a name I can’t remember and were given to me by Esteban.




  1. fun, fun, fun — makes me think of our visits — it’s so great when you can take the whole family together — I know Carlos loves it when this works out 🙂

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