Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 9, 2010


When I researched cellular companies in El Salvador I found that there were four and my limited spanish told me the Tigo had the most coverage. 


Interestingly my phone never roamed to Tigo. I was just about entirely on ‘movistar’.  That may be due to movistar having an agreement with Telstra.


Or, having a look a these 5 photos that I took over the space of a kilometer.


You may come to the conclusion like I have that Tigo’s vast coverage has nothing to do with the strength of their radio signals…


But is in fact a reference to their use of blue paint. 


This town was brought to you by Tigo.

I sure hope the locals are getting paid for the advertising.

PS. My plan was to pick up a SIM card for data because data roaming is a killer. But they didn’t have micro-SIMs for iPhone 4 or iPad.  I could have cut a standard SIM to size but,  as it stands I found more free wi-fi all over El Salvador than I did in Huntsville, Alabama.  Also, God knows I would not have been able to prevent myself from reading my emails when they came in, even if I was with the kids.  God’s blessing has been on every detail of my trip.  But more on that later.



  1. The next post about Karla and Bryan is going to be huge as we did so much in the few hours we had together. That will probably be up about 6 hours after this Tigo post as I have just arrived safely back in Sydney after 33hrs in waiting and travel.
    – Douglas

  2. Douglas, glad to hear that you made it home safely. It was a pleasure to meet you at Punta Roca. My son Brian enjoyed sharing stories with you about Australia. Thanks for the blog info. I am enjoying reading it. Soem day my husband Stevand I woudl like to visit our three Compassion children.

    • Hi Sylvia,

      Thanks to your comment I now know where I was! I hadn’t paid attention to any signs. What was the name of the actual place you were staying at? It was great to meet Bryan and ya’ll. Maybe we’ll meet up again someday in El Salvador. 🙂

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