Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 10, 2010

Karla and Bryan at Tin Marín

Karla and Bryan are such cute little kids! Karla is 7 and Bryan is 8.


Karla and Bryan come from projects that are close to San Salvador so, as with Jasmin and Ruth, I met them at the Compassion Field office.


We spent most of the day at Tin Marín; a children’s museum. Carlos was a
great guide here. He could explain what most exhibits were about
without help from the museum staff.

Learning about taste and the theory of how different parts of the tongue sense sweet, sour, bitterness, etc…


Learning about smell. We would squeeze the bottle and see what we could smell and then lift the panel behind to check if you got it right.


I was the only one to correctly identify Coconut, maybe because I’d had some a couple of days ago. Karla was the only one to identify coffee!

Next we took off to the bank where the kids each used a computer for the first time. Here they are learning about money in a buying and selling game.


If projects do have computers they normally only start with a few and it’s the older kids that get to use them first. Bryan took to the mouse quite quickly but Karla has still to master the art of picking up the mouse and relocating it when you’ve run out of desk space.

The dentist.


The supermarket.

It’s been about 12 years since I was a checkout chick but I’ve still got the skills.


Plenty of other kids were in the museum and many of them rushed into the Supermarket as we were finishing up. I’m not sure if this little one next to Karla was claiming a turn with the trolley or just mesmerised by the speed at which I was operating the checkout.


It’s nice to see Karla picked a lot of fruit!


Next it was off to the street market.


Karla and Bryan took to making me, Pupusas. I found a great web page about El Salvadoran food here.


And I bet they would have tasted great, had they not been made of wood.


These guys were quick to put on any available dress up items.


Next exhibit was the bubble factory.





Discovering aviation. And/or sleeping?


Please leave your plane in the upright position!


This is your captain Karla, I hope you enjoy flying with Compassion.


Part of the electricity exhibit didn’t have much in the way of explanation as it was probably an activity run by museum staff. But we found some hats here and were happy enough.


We found a theatre where the kids would dress up. They acted out Little Red Riding Hood. Here you see that a police officer has just captured the wolf. (After having hidden the grandmother – nothing to sinister here).


Bryan on a bed of nails.


Karla may have been ready for nap but we were heading out the door for lunch.


Next Post… Lunch and more action at Tin Marín



  1. Wow! When I was their age, I loved museums like this( and who am I fooling? I still love them). They’ll be talking about it for years to come! I wait on the edge of my seat for our next installment.

  2. this is such a great place — we went there twice in June with Carlos — practice for when you came 🙂

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