Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 11, 2010

welcome – Douglas – we want


When you send pictures to your sponsored children, make sure you really like them because they might get enlarged!


It’s a good thing I don’t mind that photo.

This welcome banner says; ‘Welcome to our CDI’ (CDI = Centro Desarollo Integral or Centre of Integral Development. Also known as a ‘Project’.) Forgive that the Australian flag is upside down, they got it the right way up on the flag pole in my previous post. Inside the heart is written, in english no less; ‘For my sponsor Douglas, with love.’


This young lady was the master of ceremonies for the welcoming celebration.


I was invited up and asked to introduce myself and answer a few questions. Then it came to telling the kids which church I went to. Throughout the week Carlos had been singing a little of one of our songs in english and generally some of the staff would recognise it. Carlos – God bless his heart – decided that it was my turn to sing. The problem was we knew different songs so a duet was out! Carlos started the kids chanting for me to sing.

So in my first public solo in living memory I sang the chorus of ‘Poderoso’ off of our church’s spanish album ‘Con Todo’ (With Everything). If anyone there knew the song they wouldn’t have recognised my rendition. I’m hopeful that the stunned silence afterwards was surprise that I actually knew some spanish but I suspect a few of the ‘we want’ signs were being put away. But then there was applause and Carlos said if he’d known I knew some spanish he would have had me doing it all week. – Something to look forward to next time I suppose! :/

Let me just thank Jesus that I didn’t show Carlos how to use the video feature on the camera.


After me, Carlos got some of the Compassion team up to sing a Hillsong song.


I don’t recall what the song was, I was in shock – too busy thinking about myself!

Then we continued through the program with some other songs.



Including one sung by Banesa and Laura about being friends forever.


And something by this cute little guy. I regret that I have to say ‘something’ when referring to a song but it was impractical for Carlos to translate every song and I enjoyed hearing them in spanish without the translation but that just means that I can’t tell you anything about them!


I’ll have to improve my spanish for the next time I go so I can understand more of what’s going on.

The program also included a dramatisation of The Good Samaritan. (Let me clarify, this is not a reaction to my singing).


The bandit in the red cap appears to have taken the travellers cell phone!


This young actor seemed to have the same trouble I did at Tin Marín; trying to look in pain but actually looking like you’re having fun.


The cast of this little production.



Then we prayed. I can’t remember if I prayed or someone else did.

But I do recall hearing Carlos’ voice get further and further away.


I was introduced to Pastor Douglas.


And also introduced to Estefany. More on her soon.


Here’s the cute little singer again. I wish I had a notebook handy for names.


Here is Banesa with her mother and sister Estefany, age 15 months.



  1. Carlos is a master of putting you on the spot and making you love it!! He’s such a gift to all of us sponsors — the first visit we made, he had Duane play a game with the children — he was a “cat” and the kids had to not laugh as he crawled around meowing as begging to be petted. it was hilarious (fortunately no video here either)

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