Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 13, 2010

Whirlwind Tour of Project ES796


We went for a quick tour of ES796 was up to.

They have a chicken farm. I noticed they have a fan at hand to keep them cool. (It’s attached to the side of the enclosure with red string in the top right of this photo).


At the other end of the farm they have the little chicks.


700 little chicks!


These young ladies told me about the operation of the chicken farm.


They grow up so fast! I mean the chicks… they take only 6 weeks to get to adult size.

At this end of the farm they have heat lamps. These chicks are only about a week old. In one more week they will lift up a divider and give the chickens twice the room to run around.


My spanish is limited but I did have enough to order 2 eggs for breakfast each morning; ‘Quisiera dos huevos por favor.’ But that would not have got me far at this farm because although the farm produces protein, it’s not via eggs. (And it’s not via apple pies either).

This project also trades chickens with other Compassion projects and I believe they also trade for rabbits with Project ES826 (Refer to the post: ‘The Circle of Life‘).

We had a quick look inside a classroom.


This classroom is using half of a building that was fully intended to be a pastors house.


However, the local town of San Lorenzo was hit by an earthquake in 2007 which had 1,113 aftershocks and rendered about 85% of the homes/buildings? in San Lorenzo (population 5,000) to be uninhabitable. So the church had to find space for classrooms where possible and they are now busy constructing more.


If I recall correctly, the picture above and below are for a new place of worship.


Pastor Douglas tells me the church was busy reconstructing houses in the town before working on the church and that is why construction is still on going here 3 years after that earthquake. Banesa’s house is one of those reconstructed by the church and we’ll see that in another post.

Some second story construction is in progress above the room in which I was welcomed.


Here you can see a ground floor room which is about to have a second story put on. That bamboo we saw in an earlier picture is coming in handy. This new room is adjacent to the completed room in which I was welcomed. Sorry I can’t really draw you a map and everything is tightly packed on the land so it’s hard to get a wide shot of everything. This new room will be the church office. It appears to be about 10ft x 10ft.


Pastor Douglas has plans for at least 8 newly constructed classrooms for the kids including some on a third story. Construction is slow in part because it depends on the donation of materials including bricks.


I wonder what one or two well placed Project Gifts could do to advance this work. Note: Through Compassion it’s possible to give special gifts to families to give them a boost and you can also give a gift to a Project. Gifts are of course monetary in nature so Compassion is not burdened with the cost and logistics of sending physical items all over the world! –

Have a look on your local Compassion website for information about giving gifts: World Offices

Here is the current church (and project) office building. You can see a few pictures of the inside of this building in my next post about Estefany.




  1. thank you for taking picture of this project. I correspond with a child from that center.

  2. I’m really impressed with how CLEAN the chicken’s quarters and bedding was.

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