Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 14, 2010



Before I went to El Salvador I updated my status on OurCompassion. OurCompassion could be likened to a Facebook for Compassion sponsors. If you’ve not heard of OurCompassion I encourage you to go to their home page and check out the short 3 minute introduction video.

Well Chris and Andrea from Australia noticed my status update and contacted me because they sponsor Estefany from the same project as Banesa. And when they found that I was actually going to that project they were pretty excited – to say the least!

Banesa and Estefany.


I had discovered earlier in the week that Compassion children El Salvador normally go to the project twice a week and the days they go often depend on their age. So I contacted head office on the Friday to try to ensure that Estefany would be at the project and I’m glad I did because Saturday was not her regular day.

I realised that Banesa and Estefany had the same surname but we knew they weren’t sisters. When I asked if they were related there was initially some confusion amongst the relatives but they eventually seemed to agree that Banesa’s uncle was Estefany’s grandfather.

Here is Estefany with her grandmother.


Chris and Andrea had asked me to also get Estefany some gifts. We did the gift shopping during the week as needed (instead of all at once) and Chris and Andrea had seen the bear that I got Veronica earlier and loved it. If I didn’t mention already Ruth and Jasmin actually choose that same style bear for themselves – it was a big hit. The bear was from BOMBA a variety store. During the week we went to at least 6 different BOMBA stores in the major cities of San Miguel, San Salvador and Santa Ana looking for bears. We cleared at least one of them out of bears and tea towels.

But the smiles were all worth it – even if we were sometimes out of focus (or if I pulled the gifts out before the camera was ready!)


We sat in the project office – trying to hide from Banesa so as not to spoil her surprise later on – and gave some gifts to Estefany.



Here we are out the front of the office building.


With some of the project team.


And here is Estefany with her tutor (one of her tutors? – I never did work out if they have one tutor for all types of learning they do).




  1. Chris & Andrea are going to be so excited!!! I’m gonna run right over to OC and tell them Estefany is here! 🙂

    • Oh trust me they know. :). They got a set of about 30 photos from me including all the out of focus ones. They’ve been in email contact with me throughout the whole trip and are extremely encouraging!

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