Posted by: Douglas Bailey | November 22, 2010

4 Video clips

So, I mentioned somewhere that I had some video clips. They are all very short, 11 seconds for the first one and the other three are about a minute long. I couldn’t afford to get stuck behind a video camera on this trip and I didn’t bring a camera with strong audio capability which is why there are so few clips. But, here’s what I got…

Here are the kids saying ‘welcome’ at Veronica’s project ES826

This clip is of the entrance of the flag at my welcome ceremony at Veronica’s project.

Here is Esteban signing the song I told you about with the lyrics being something like:
God is in my heart.
God is in this house.
That’s why we have peace.

This last clip is of Gloria; the younger sister of Banesa. We were running short on time but Gloria had just told me that her sponsors were also from Australia and I thought I’d take a video clip of Gloria and try to find them so they can see it. (See my Nov 25th 2010 update in the comments). We really put Gloria on the spot. She had no idea we were about to record. We ‘restarted’ twice but you can see all that in the clip. Translation below.

I played back the clip for Carlos later that day and asked him to translate.

Gloria says: ‘Thank you so much for sponsoring me. I love you. I wish that one day you may be able to visit me. I take good care of your pictures.’

And Gloria does take care of the pictures and letters. She’d spread them out on the table to show me and you can see them at the end of the video however making the camera focus while recording video was beyond me at that point!



  1. the last clip isn’t here or is it just my lap top being difficult as usual/?

    • Thanks for that message. It was my fault; I missed a bracket somewhere! Please try again.

  2. hurray — got to see that one too —

  3. Wow, what a good collection! I just love it when boys aren’t afraid to sing in front of people.

  4. Thanks Compassion Australia; Gloria’s sponsors have been able to see the clip.

  5. hey douglas.
    thank u so much for the vidoe footage of gloria our sponsor child. it was awesome to see her and hear that she has received all the letters and photos that we have sent her. it made me feel like i need to send her more. haha.
    we really appreciated it…that was amazing.
    dave and michelle x

    • Hi Dave and Michelle, You are so welcome! I need to write my kids more too! Hopefully you also saw the post about Gloria’s home (of course the post is called Banesa’s Home!) And I have just uploaded to 7 photos that I got of Gloria and Banesa together. Now I’ll warn you that Gloria looks very tired in some of them or the flash caused her to close her eyes but there is a couple of good ones. You should be able to see them here:
      You might be able to download them if you have a flicker account but if you want the originals I can email them to you (your email address came through here when you made the comment above). The photos are 6.4MB which would make for a big email so just let me know which ones you want. SAM_1310 and SAM_1314 seem to have come out the best and if you have the original you may even be able to edit Banesa out and enlarge the Gloria part. Anyway, if you don’t hear from me before, I will let you know when I go back – hopefully in a couple of years – and I can maybe take something small over for Gloria if you like.

      Bless you,

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