Posted by: Douglas Bailey | December 16, 2010

Who else is blogging?

I find that reading about the work of Compassion is a great encouragement!

Although my trip is over and my blog has tailed off, (or ‘trailed off’ – there is some debate about the correct term at, I want to make sure you all know about who else is blogging about El Salvador and Compassion.

First, make sure you check out the official blog of Compassion: You’ll often see two or three posts go up per day from authors all over the world. I believe all the authors on this site work for Compassion. Many posts are made by Country Staff about the work of Compassion the countries in which they live. Here are just some of the subjects of Compassion Blog posts:

Child Sponsorship, Child Survival, Country Staff, Country Trips, For New Sponsors, Letter Writing

And here is a recent post about life in rural El Salvador written by Nestor Reynosa, the field communications specialist for Compassion El Salvador:

Second, you’ll want to know about whole host of bloggers that use their on-line voice to speak out for children. Shaun Groves actually leads some of these bloggers overseas to see the work of Compassion first hand. Here is a great post to introduce some of the bloggers to you. It’s about the Compassion Bloggers reunion held in Birmingham, Alabama on Dec 6th, 2010:

Make sure you stay on Shaun’s site for a while and check it out, he has great insight into Compassion (and life!):

Here is a list of the Compassion Bloggers that have been overseas (with Shaun I suspect):

Happy reading,


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