What: Compassion

I sponsor these kids through Compassion; Releasing children from poverty in Jesus name.


Compassion has been around since 1957 and right now Compassion is releasing over 1,000,000 million children from poverty in 25 countries around the world. Compassion does this by finding local churches in needy communities and partnering with those churches to resource them to help their communities.


As an investor in property I value my money being put to effective use. The same goes for my charitable giving.  Charity Navigator: Your guide to Intelligent Giving, rates thousands of charities on their effective use of donations.  Compassion has been given a four star rating (the highest rating possible) from Charity Navigator for (I believe) 8 years running.


To hear what Compassion have to say about themselves, please visit these links:
Or to find a Compassion office close to your part of the world click here.


If you consider sponsoring a child you can do so from these pages: (I understand that it is most helpful to Compassion if you choose a child from your ‘local’ office.  Please check this with your local office if you are unsure.)


I’d love to hear from you if you’ve chosen to sponsor a child!


Note: I do not work for Compassion (although I wouldn’t object to this if the opportunity arose). What I’ve written here is based on my own research.


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