When: Itinerary

Here is the itinerary as set up by Compassion for me. There were only a few (good) changes as we went through the week.

Sunday Oct 31st:
I land in El Salvador and travel to San Salvador.  This trip is only about 40km but I hear it can be an unsafe road (in the respect of tourist buses being stopped and robbed) so I’m happy to be landing at about midday and making this trip during the daylight hours.  I won’t meet my guide and translator until the next morning so will have to see how safe I feel about venturing out of the hotel.  *Update 30/10/10: Compassion is sending a driver to pick me up at the airport.

Monday Nov 1st:
I meet the person who will be my host and translator for the week.  They either work for Compassion or work closely with Compassion for tour purposes.  I’ll find out more about them soon enough.  Leaving San Salvador at 6am we’ll travel to San Miguel and go shopping for gifts for the kids.

AM: Visit Verónica’s project ES826
Lunch: At a fast food restaurant in San Miguel (It’s likely that the kids have never eaten fast food. – You could argue that this is both good and bad!)
PM: Spend time with Ricardo, Walter (and Verónica?) in a local park.

Tuesday Nov 2nd:
Nov 2nd is All Souls Day, a National Holiday in El Salvador (and other Spanish speaking countries?)  

I spend the whole day with Robin.  We won’t see his project because it’s closed on the public holiday and so we will spend the whole day in or around the Perkin Lenka Mountain Hotel.   Coffee export is huge for El Salvador and I hear they make/grow? a lot of it up here in Perkin.  I don’t drink coffee but I may be tempted to try it.  And I’m going to try and bring a bag home for a friend in Australia.  I better check what customs have to say about that!

Wednesday Nov 3rd:
AM: Visit Esteban’s Project ES844
Lunch: Zona Rosa restaurant
PM: Visit Esteban’s Home!

Thursday Nov 4th:
AM: Stephen Hawkings’ Science Museum in San Salvador with both Jasmin and Ruth.
Lunch: Fast food restaurant – Pollo Campero or Pizza Hut
PM: El Mundo Feliz (a games place. Google translates this to: The Brave New World). / Mini Golf.

Friday Nov 5th:
AM: Tin Marín Museum with Karla and Bryan
Lunch: Museum restaurant (McDonald’s or Pizza Hut)
PM: Tin Marín Museum

Saturday Nov 6th:
AM: Visit Banesa’s Project ES796
Lunch: Pollo Campero or Pizza Hut
PM: Visit Banesa’s Home!

Sunday Nov 7th:
Leaving El Salvador at 10am; depart for home via LAX.

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  1. sat visit?? you are special 🙂

    • Oh? Are they normally too busy on Saturday’s? I know the project is running that day. Anyway, they must think I am special because they’ve let me loose on the projects on Monday and Tuesday which are public holidays! I’m going to see Diana tomorrow who arranged the whole thing and I’m going to tell her that next time I come, if the dates don’t suit, just let me know and I’ll accommodate. Having said all that, the projects and my host have never given me any indication that I’ve put any of them out by being here this week.

      Bless you.

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