Where: Map

Approx. locations of my Compassion kid's projects.

I sponsor 10 Compassion kids who are located all over El Salvador.  The markers only represent their approximate locations as Compassion don’t give out specific addresses for the projects.  This is for protection of the kids.  Even a sponsor can not visit unannounced.  Sponsors need to provide a police report in their application requesting to visit a sponsored child.

I plotted these points in Google Maps with children’s full names and birth dates but it seemed appropriate here to only display the image without linking to those details.

There are twelve dots, the blue marker with dot in San Salvador is in fact a hotel I will stay at during this trip.  The yellow dotted marker above that is for a child who left the program.  (This can happen for many reasons; e.g. sometimes parents move out of areas that Compassion reaches).  

 El Salvador’s boarders are represented by the grey line.  The blue lines were to help me measure the length of El Salvador.  From Banesa (pink marker in the North West) to Esteban (blue marker with dot in the South East) El Salvador is 240km ‘as the crow flies’. Probably about 300km on the roads.

Click on the map to go to Google Maps and see El Salvador in the context of Central America.

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