Why: iHeart + Phil Joel

I believe that I am blessed so that I can be a blessing to others.


I had sponsored a girl Hazel from the Philippines through World Vision for about 12 years until she finished school and I moved from New Zealand to Australia.


On my arrival to Australia I didn’t jump straight back into child sponsorship but in 2008 the movie The I Heart Revolution, put out by Hillsong United, encouraged me start thinking about how I could start to outwork Justice in this earth; to take action on the fact that some of us have so much while others have so little. I chose (and choose) to sponsor children through Compassion.


In some respects only God will know why I chose to sponsor children from El Salvador but in large part it was due to the song El Salvador (The Saviour) by Phil Joel.  Until now I’ve never been to a third world or developing nation but this song really caused me to start to have a connection with El Salvador.  I think it would be a disservice for me to publish only the lyrics here and have you miss out on the song.  I really encourage you to seek out the song.



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